CS12 Brand Story

The path to developing sensitive skin specialists

The journey began with Ms. Heng Cheng Sim embarking on the journey of beautician. As a mother, Ms. Wang, due to her own and her daughter’s sensitive skin problems, has been obsessed with finding the best formula to gently heal sensitive skin for 30+ years in order to prevent her beloved daughter from using oral prescriptions to improve sensitive skin.


Healing allergy formula

Ms. Wang, who is concerned about her daughter’s skin sensitization problem, deeply understands the pain of sensitive skin, and on a trip to Germany, she discovered that the pure natural energy of medical beauty skin care formulas rich in precious anti-allergy ingredients can suppress and improve the root cause of allergies.

After more than 10 years of clinical evidence and feedback from more than 10,000 sensitive skin patients, CalmEX Healing Sensitive Formula can effectively soothe sensitization and improve damaged skin in a short period of time, and has become the soul formula of CS12 products.

The essence of healing sensitivity

Understand the root causes of allergies and infuse the skin with the nutrients it needs to strengthen the skin barrier.

Formulated by the anti-allergy team for 10 years and professional aesthetic laboratories, CalmEX formula is packed with natural healing nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Each drop of essence is taken from each precious ingredient for the optimal active time, then sealed with German aesthetic technology, and tested for sensitive skin for a minimum of 6-8 months.


A classic healing formula

Achieve anti-allergy miracles

Miracle Mask is the ancestor of the brand’s anti-allergy approach. The founder, Ms. Wang, is convinced that CalmEX Healing Formula can effectively repair allergies, so she has incorporated the formula into various skincare products, including the Miracle Mask, when developing her products.

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A must-have CS12 product for sensitive skin

With the power of 1 mask, start your own healing journey for sensitive skin!

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